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Ergonomic mouse, chiral scrolling.

ErgonomicScrollApplication is a product from:
Martin Pointing Devices
v/ Jens Martin S. Jensen

ErgonomicScrollApplication is a windows system application that is designed to help reduce
finger strain and sore tendons when scrolling documents with a scroll wheel or a touchpad.

When engaged the user does not have to perform repetitive finger lifting while scrolling.
This ensures that you can scroll in a continuous easily controllable way.

By avoiding repetitive finger lifting you can also scroll much faster.
This could be the main reason for installing the app.

For very fast, but less accurate scrolling, you can still use Auto Scroll and Momentum Scroll.

Observe the functionality of ErgonomicScrollApplication in the trailer or download the User-manual.

The app is on Microsoft Store.    It is available on PC.

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