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ErgonomicScrollApplication is a product from:
Martin Pointing Devices
v/ Jens Martin S. Jensen

Despite some ergonomic drawbacks many people still prefer using a computer mouse instead of a touchpad. One ergonomic drawback when using a mouse is the necessity of repetitive finger lifting during scrolling. A similar problem when using a touchpad has earlier been solved by so-called chiral scrolling, which gave continuous and fast scrolling without repetitive finger lifting. See:

With ErgonomicScrollApplication it is possible to scroll without repetitive finger lifting when using the scroll wheel on a standard computer mouse. Just move a finger back and forth on the scroll wheel.
It is possible to avoid certain forms of mouse arm and repetitive strain injuries with the app, but the app is also made to give the ordinary user a both fast and relaxed scrolling.
In addition, ErgonomicScrollApplication also works in an analogous way with most touchpads and applications by moving two fingers back and forth.
Regarding touchpads: Ergonomic scrolling can in a certain sense be considered a successor of chiral scrolling adapted to modern two finger scrolling.
Moving two fingers back and forth is even more convenient, requires less fine motor skills, than performing a circular movement with one finger as is done during chiral scrolling.

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